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Star-Spangled Family Fun - The Music Man

Chilrdens Band

The Music Man at Lubbock Moonlight Musicals Amphitheatre

CoverExtra show added!  Final Shows: Thurs. 7/5, Fri. 7/6 and Sat. 7/7

There are so many reasons that The Music Man is the ideal escape, right here in River City, er, the Hub City!, to enjoy some family time during the mid-summer, lazy, hazy, firecracker days of the 4th of July holiday week!  The multiple Sousa-esque marches entice the little ones to march along and everyone to clap and tap in time!  And there may even be a few new musical conductors as a result:  we noticed several kiddos standing and leading the band!  Even if the kids haven’t seen the movie, they will be amazed that they already know some of the songs, like “Seventy-six Trombones.”   BarbershopThe ‘barbershop’ quartet, who appear during various scenes, treats the audience to “Ice Cream” (it’s a song and actually as good as the cold stuff!) and their smooth harmonies just scream of summer.

The beauty of this huge production is the introduction of musical classics to many in the family who need to be inspired by it!  Our 16 year old has a new favorite song from the show that she loved learning and has been singing at home since the show… “Goodnight My Someone.”  A beautiful ballad, performed magically by Shayna Tayloe as Marian.  Who knew it would be a sweet melody that would touch a teen!

Ya Got Trouble

That’s the benefit of sharing the experience of as many musicals, live, as we can with our kids – we don’t know what will touch them and in what way.  Giving them more connection to culture and history as well.  As we were leaving the park, we overheard a conversation between what appeared to be a grandmother and her grand daughter…. maybe about 8 years old.  Grandma asked the girl if she liked the show, and the bouncing girl responded with a squeal “yes!” but wished that her cousin had been there too… then the 8 year old asked grandma if they could come see it again so she could share it with her cousin.  Proof that the music and the lively dialogue and all the children on stage keep the show interesting to even the youngest e-connected set!


So many of the songs are full of movement and percussion and alliteration:  “Rock Island” chorus is a mesmerizing tongue-twister…  we still don’t know how they all remembered all the words!  And be prepared for your kids to take “Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little” and make it their summer theme-song!


The story revolves around teaching the children of a small town that they can play music and become a marching band with the proper instruments, and uniforms, and instruction – by the The Music Man of course!  It creates a statement of the importance of being exposed to music and learning music for all children:  “Teach them kids to play”…. which is the mission and the moral of the story.

Children pretend music

The story is set in the summer of 1912 in River City, Iowa, so there are several fun words and themes the the kid can learn and explore.  One is “Billliard”… our kids didn’t realize what that was and what it symbolized especially during that time period.  Another learning opportunity was explaining why it was that walking with books on your head, was a method of training young girls to walk gracefully and “lady-like.”  ChoirAnd speaking of graceful:  the costumes are beautiful and truly appeal to the nostalgia of simpler times.  The kids will love them and will have fun watching all the kids in the show in their vintage band uniforms, playing their instruments and having fun themselves.

Parent Pointers: Tips for making your experience more enjoyable

Reminders:  The venue is perfect for even the youngest of children.  It’s outside with wiggle room and lots of tiered grass seating perfect for blankets and chairs.  Hills for rolling.  Bahama Bucks for snacking (which is a fundraiser for Moonlight Musicals – remember they are a nonprofit!), and aisles for MARCHING.  Picnics are always allowed!DSCN4374

The doors open an hour before showtime, so try to get there as early as you can to stake your claim on a favorite spot.  It’s open seating in the General Admission-designated area, which is the top section and sides… perfect when you have little ones anyway!  Be sure to bring sunscreen, mosquito repellant, and also a light jacket or blanket because regardless of the heat index during the day, our wonderful West Texas evenings are cooling down nicely.

There is plenty of time to stay after the show and take the kids down to the stage where they can meet and greet the characters.  They may even know some of the cast members and can grab some hugs, program autographs and photos.

After the show, just for fun, plan to have a movie night with the kids to see the movie version and discuss the differences…

Just the Facts!

When: June 15-16, 22-23, 29-30,
Thursday 7/5, Friday 7/6, Saturday 7/7.  Gates open at 7pm and performance starts at 8pm.

Where: Moonlight Musicals Amphitheatre at 413 East Broadway Lubbock, TX 79403.

How: Tickets are available online, or by calling 806-770-2000. Prices start at $20 for adults and $7 for children.   *For General admission child age is 5-9 years and Premium admission child age is 0-9 years.

Length: Lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes with a 20 minute intermission included..

Age: Recommended for ages 4 and up.  Younger kids will still enjoy the open venue and the dancing and singing.

Planning to go?  Let us know how you like the show!  Write your reviews below.

Credits:  Book, Music and Lyrics by:  Meredith Willson, Story by:  Meredith Willson and Franklin Lacey.

Images from Gypsy Arts Design & Photography, Lubbock Moonlight Musicals 2018 production of The Music Man and 


A Holiday Weekend BLAST for Families - Legally Blonde Jr.

35283656_10155487815791899_8816017113501138944_nLast Chance – Final performances this weekend!
Bruiser is waiting…

If you are looking for a way to spend some time together over the pre-holiday weekend with especially your oh-so-bored-with-summer-already teens and pre-teens, then you can’t miss the final performances of Lubbock Community Theatre‘s production of Legally Blonde Jr. The Musical at the LHUCA Firehouse Theatre.

Great for the entire family, and not just for the soon-to-be sorority gals… super fun for the men and boys in your life and perfect for recent 2018 grads!

35221955_10155487815826899_1661112836912316416_nThe beauty of this production is not only its length, it’s under 2 hours, but its infectious cast and crew… including 2 absolutely adorable dogs who are very talented stars in their own right!

The show follows the story made popular in the movie “Legally Blonde” staring Reese Witherspoon. However this production is sweeter, and more inspirational for our kids – whether they are soon to be graduates or have a few years to go. The underlying message of always being true to yourself, yes, even if it means wearing your signature color (pink!) to your first job, is timeless and is reinforced though a super-fun music score (and one you and your child will sing together for days!). In addition, the theme of tenacity and never giving up on something you believe in, is a very valuable take-away. And one of the most encouraging messages, as a parent, is the fact that Elle has to work hard to reach her goal of going to Harvard Law School… dreams take effort!

If your kids aren’t fans of musicals, then this is the the show you must see together… it’s so much fun that our family will be seeing it again this weekend! And the layout of the theatre lends to the feel that you are part of the story and the fun, with a very close proximity to the stage.

The talent of the young actors will blow you away. The actor who played Elle the first weekend, Macee Maddox, not only pulled off the spunky attitude of Elle while keeping her sweet and endearing, but also treated the crowd to a beautiful, angelic voice. And one of our family favorites was Paulette Bounafountie, played perfectly and charmingly by Taylor McKenzie Sines. And Karson Hood as Brooke Wyndam truly stole the show at times!35238490_10155486882131899_3282695482027016192_n

Start the 4th of July holiday weekend with a bang, and bend, and snap, and join the fun at Legally Blonde Jr.  OMG You Guys… you’ll love it!

If you go:
It is a close-up theatre, so once the show starts, late arrivals are not allowed.
Waters and light treats are available with no concession so eat before or after you go.

Thursday, June 21, 2018 7:30 PM.
Friday, June 22, 2018 7:30 PM.
Saturday, June 23, 2018 7:30 PM.
Sunday, June 24, 2018 2:30 PM.
Thursday, June 28, 2018 7:30 PM.
Friday, June 29, 2018 7:30 PM.
Saturday, June 30, 2018 7:30 PM.
Sunday, July 1, 2018 2:30 PM.

Where: Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (LHUCA) Firehouse Theatre. 1511 Ave. K., Lubbock, TX 79401.

How: Tickets are available online, at the door or by calling 806-749-2416. $15 for students and seniors and $20 for adults.

Length: Lasts approximately 1 1/2 hours with a 10 minute intermission included.

Age: Recommended for ages 6+ but lively enough for all ages!

Going to the show?  Let us know!  Write your reviews below.


Legally Blond Jr. The Musical

Music and Lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin.  Book by Heather Hach.  Directed by Heather May.

Elle Woods:  Macee Maddox 1st weekend, Eve Helak 2nd weekend.
Margot:  Natalee Sanchez
Serena:  Liberty DeLeon
Pilar:  Hannah Hays
Warner Huntington III:  Zachary Ell 1st weekend, Wyatt Brownell 2nd weekend
Emmet Forrest:  Dylan Avant
Vivienne Kensington:  Allana Cano
Paulette Bounafountie:  Taylor McKenzie Sines
Pro. Callahan/Grandmaster Chad:  Miguel Martinez
Brooke Wyndam:  Karson Hood
Kyle:  Deacon Chaney
Whitney:  Brenna Ryan
Kate:  Sophie Goforth
Saleswoman:  Sylvia Medina
Judge, Store Manager:  Abi Mills
Chutney:  Natalya Pappas
Enid Hoops:  Lindsay Little
Winthrop:  Harrison Black
Pfizerreeme:  Erin Ewings
Fratboy, Salon Worker:  Robert Spencer
Jet Blue Pilot, Guard:  Grand Pyke
Aaron Shultz:  Nicholas Ellerbrook
Sundeep Padammada:  TiAmos Jackson
Dewey:  Nelson Hudson
Fratboy, Guard:  Kagan Baker
Delta Nu, Bookish Client:  Anya Pappas
Harvard Student:  Gabby Pena

Photos provided by Heather May – Lubbock Community Theatre.

Lubbock's Hot List for a Family 4th 2016

The Lubbock area offers an explosion of activities and events that families can enjoy together … making fun memories over the 4th of July holiday!

Fireworks sky kid

And because we’ve received some glorious rain, we can really introduce our kids to the type of Independence Day celebration that we remember as kids… including FIREWORKS!

To save you time as you plan your weekend, we’ve gathered a Hot List of 4th-of-July-inspired local events and activities for families.  Just click the event for more info and links.  See our complete listing of up-to-the-moment fun in our 4th of July Section.

Did we miss a favorite 4th of July family activity or event open to the public?  Add it here, on our calendar, or on our Facebook page.  See our complete Calendar for a Liberty Bell full of fun activities to choose from. Thanks for helping spread the word on all the great things that make Lubbock the very best spot on earth to raise our kids!

Happy Independence Day 2016!


Saturday, July 2nd:
Plainview Fireworks show at Regional Park, 9:45pm.

Sunday, July 3rd:
* Buffalo Springs Lake / Ransom Canyon Fireworks show, dusk.
Fireworks at the Corn Maize.  Free show & dessert presented by Indiana Ave.Baptist Church, 7:30pm.

Monday, July 4th:
* Lubbock’s 4th on Broadway Fireworks show at Mackenzie Park, dusk.
* Snyder’s 4th of July Celebration Fireworks show, dusk
Lamesa’s Independence Day Celebration, Fireworks show, dusk.

Tuesday, July 5th:
* Wolfforth’s 4th on the 5th Fireworks show, dusk.


Saturday, July 2nd:
Plainview’s Parade, starts at 10am downtown.

Monday, July 4th:
* Lubbock’s 4th on Broadway Parade, starts at 9am.  Remember this year there is a new route:  Starts DOWNTOWN on Avenue M. and Broadway Ave. The parade will travel east to Canyon Lake Drive, through Mackenzie Park, and end at Joyland.
Snyder’s Parade, starts at 10am.
* Lamesa’s Parade, starts at 10am.

Festivals, Concerts & Carnivals!

Friday July 1st:
* An American Festival concert at First United Methodist Church Lubbock.  6:30-7:30pm.  Featuring the Westwinds Brass Band & church choirs.

Saturday July 2nd:
Plainview’s 4th of July Celebration, 10am-7pm.  Red, White, & Moo Freedom Festival. Downtown.

Sunday July 3rd:
Westwinds Brass Band Sunday Concert in the Park – Patriotic Salute, 8pm-9pm.  Wagner Park Gazebo at 26th and Flint Ave.

Sunday July 3rd & Monday July 4th:
* Snyder 4th of July Celebration.  Booths open Sunday 4-9pm & Monday 9am-9pm.

Monday, July 4th:
* Lubbock’s 4th on Broadway at Mackenzie Park.  The state’s largest FREE 4th of July Festival and this year continues a new era at Mackenzie Park with grass and trees and water and the park’s beautiful venue!  You can even pitch a tent for the kids to take a nap during the day!

  • $5 parking at the Fairgrounds and Canyon Lakes: Free parking at 19th & Canyon Lakes. Shuttles to all parking start at 7:30am till after the fireworks.
  • 7:30am – 5K & 1-mile Yankee Doodle Dash starts at Cesar Chavez Dr. & Canyon Lake Road.  
  • 8:30am – Sparkler Sprint for kids 6-12 (free and no pre-registration needed) at Cesar Chavez Dr. & Canyon Lake Road.  
  • 9am – Parade!  NOTE: Parade Route Change – Parade will now begin at Avenue M. and Broadway Ave. The parade will travel east to Canyon Lake Drive, through Mackenzie Park, and end at Joyland.
  • 8am-5pm – Picnic in the Park!  7 music stages (starting at 10:30am) and over 50 vendors selling yummy festive foods.
  • 11am-8pm – Kids Area!  Located right next to the Kids Performance Stage and will include activities for the whole family!  Arts & Crafts, Carnival Games, Inflatables, Rock Wall, Spider Wall, Water Slides, Dunk Tank, Face Painting, Music, Pony Rides, Petting Zoo, Bouncers and Much More! No more playing on hot asphalt for the kids area like in years past!
  • 7:30pm – Evening Concert with the Youth Orchestra of Lubbock.
  • Dusk – Fireworks!

* Lamesa’s Independence Day Celebration, 9am-10pm.
* Slaton’s 4th of July Festival, 10am-3pm.  Slaton Park.

Tuesday, July 5th:
* Wolfforth’s 4th on the 5th Celebration, 6pm-10:30pm.

Fun Runs!shutterstock_78496849_flag

Saturday, July 2nd:
Firecracker Run in Brownfield.  1 mile, 3 mile and 10 mile races.  7:40-10:30am.  Includes an Elementary Fun Run for Ages 4-12.

Monday, July 4th:
* Yankee Doodle Dash (5K and 1 Mile) and Sparkler Sprint (100 Yard Dash – free for kids 6-12). Lubbock.  Mackenzie Park.  7:30 & 8:30am.

* 5K Splash Dash in Lamesa.  South 9th.  9am signup.  10:30-11:30am race.


Above all, enjoy this wonderful time of year with the kids and STAY SAFE!


Updated June 29, 2016.

Family Bucket List - 2015 Summer Fun in the Hub!

Summer Bucket 2014

It’s our 2015 Summer Fun Family Bucket List!

All fun, all local, many free, and ALL what summer is all about!
Click each activity for details

  * Cool it a Summer Movie Matinee         * Go to an Amusement Park

 * Explore some Kids Eat Free deals         * Take in a Summer Concert 

 * Sign up for a Summer Camp         * Visit a Farmers’ Market 

 * Enjoy a Vacation Bible School event         * Take a Day Trip 

 * Visit a New Playground        * Explore a Museum

 * Play in the Water        * See Fireworks

For tons more Lubbock-area boredom-buster ideas throughout the summer, visit

updated 4/17/2015

shutterstock_185327138_kids in trunk