Synap2it! Learning Center

Synap2it! Learning Center
3315 81st Street, Suite F.
Lubbock, TX 79423
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Synap2it! Learning Center.

We assess the student using the Structure of Intellect assessment to identify underlying developmental and cognitive issues that can keep students from achieving.

Using the SOI information and other screenings, we are able to understand areas that may be causing difficulty.

We are able to design an individual learning plan to remediate and develop any areas that need improving. This training allows a student to accomplish their goals academically and professionally to realize their full potential.

We are more than just tutoring. Our method is learning therapy and brain training, a permanent solution. While it may include tutoring, Synap2it! deals directly with the causes of learning difficulties, which helps your student get back on track more quickly!


We are located in the Spring Park Office building on 81st Street.