About Us

The best of Lubbock for kids all in one place!

Think of LubbockForKids.com as a replacement for all – OK not ALL but many – of those clippings and reminders and pictures on your fridge… you know the ones:  those about the upcoming festivals you want to take the kids to…. that you continually miss and vow to make it there next year.  But definitely keep the prized works of art showcased there!  And share them with us on our Facebook page when you get a breather!

We live in an amazing and sometimes challenging place.  And what is the first thing you always hear when someone describes Lubbock (other than the interesting-at-times weather)?… Lubbock is one of the best places in the country to raise kids.  Especially for those of us who have lived in other areas of the country, we know it’s true.  But actually finding complete information in a sortable, easy-to-find format has been sometimes challenging.

So let’s make it easier to tap into all the wonderful, enriching, unique things that the Lubbock area has to offer for growing kids.

Think of this as your site!  Submit events, profile your favorites and track those that are of interest to you and your kids.  This is just a place to start:  we’ll grow and try new things together as you share ideas with us that will help you in your parenting goals.

And as parents, we know it’s of little use at all to have only partial info.  We want to know all our options and resources … not just the options that have paid for a sponsorship or advertising on the site.  That’s why we continue to work to ensure that any source that would be helpful for you is included in our listings at no charge…. the only requirement is they have to be for kids.  We do accept paid advertising, but they will be easy to recognize as ads not listings and will be monitored for content fitting a family-based site.

This site is dear to our hearts and the realization of a dream.  A section of the site that we are especially passionate about is the special needs listings and resources.  As parents of a child with special gifts and needs, we found it difficult after relocating to Lubbock to uncover many of the resources that are here – so we are doing what we can to give parents in these groups targeted information in one convenient location.  Our mission is to help link all parents to the enrichment and support and fun they seek for their children – every sweet child!

We are parents just like you.  Any ideas you have, share them with us!  The intent of this site is to make it easier for us all to enrich the minds and bodies and souls of our kids for that short time of life called childhood.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!  We’re proud to offer the best of Lubbock for kids all in one place.

The LubbockForKids.com Team